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We provide Financial Literacy to Kids

We at TEEN CEOs, specialize in educating Kids about Financial Literacy through Game based activities that are Fun, interesting and informative. Children in the age groups of 8 to 14 years are taught to Make, Manage, Multiply and Donate Money by us under the able guidance of trained professionals. The program, "Camp Millionaire" as we call it, has reached about 19000 children so far, covering 7 Indian cities. Your child will surely enjoy learning, through Game based Activities

Our Program

If your’re looking for the best financial literacy education program on the face of the planet , our Camp Millionaire is your answer 

The Money Game is an interactive financial education game where the room is the board , the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime

Wealth principles are the basic principles financially free people have used for centuries to get , and stay , financially free.

Our Programs


Our Objective and Vision

Our Objective

To be the Leading Financial Literacy provider in Asia Pacific and to supply and equip kids & teens with the ability to take care of themselves as adults.

Our Method

We believe that effective education requires a experiential approach. Camp Millionaire and The Money Game are interactive, playful and comprehensive financial literacy curriculums that we love to teach

Our Mindset

We believe learning to be financially free takes more than making, managing and multiplying money successfully. It takes learning to ‘be’ with money in a way that allows you to experience the security of life-long financial peac

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